About Me... & YOU!

Who I am

Since I’ll be finding all about you as I help you on this journey, it’s only right I tell you about me.

I love being in the outdoors, taking long walks in the woods with my rescue huskies, my wife, and my daughter.

Nature does it for me, bringing calm, focus, and inspiration.

I love animals, dogs, huskies, wolves—and I am a huge advocate of conservation of the earth. Save it for our kids, they’ll need it. I love hockey and I love what I do - photography, I always have, going back to High School - it was the only class I got an A in.


Back to you. Because this is only about me in terms of how I relate to you and who you are as a couple. I always say I am only as good as my couples. When the three of us work together—that’s where the magic happens.


Be present at your wedding. Put you phone away. Everyone you need to communicate with will be with you on your special day. You can catch up on social media when you are waiting at the airport for your honeymoon, or sitting on a beach amazed that you got through it all.

Your wedding day goes by in a blink. Don’t miss a minute of it. Leave the memories to me.